5 Tips for Shoulder Holster Concealed Carry

shoulder Holster

Some of us need to conceal our handgun without compromising the dress up. You need to conceal a handgun and still want to wear your shirt, tie, and the sports coat. It must need to work well with your clothes. In that case. a shoulder holster would be the great option for you.

It could be Kydex or leather holster depending on your choice.

It’s true that shoulder holster has passed his golden time. It seems that it’s now fallen out of favor. Can you remember two vice squad police officers popular 1980’s television show? Or, Miami Vice and actor Don Johnson? Which raised the popularity of shoulder holster and became a cultural icon. It was known as Jackass Rig.

Does holster concealed carry still comfortable? 

Gun owner still using the shoulder holster. If you take a look at the market, you can see some popular holster people using for concealed carry.

I would like to mention one of their names here. It’s the Galco VHS. It’s a classic concealment rig.

If anyone wears his jacket regularly, then shoulder holster may be an excellent choice to have better concealed. It also related to quick access to the gun.

A report says that the buttoned jacket can conceal effectively. If you follow few tips like that, it will help you to use the holster for concealed carry. Let’s check a few holster tips.

1. Keep the jacket or coat on: 

If you have the jacket or coat on, shoulder holster would be a great concealment method for carrying your handgun. Neither the weapon nor holster will be seen from outside when you are walking or standing. Then you can move in “dinner out”, office or other ways and concealment still remain sure; not compromised.

2. Avoid Hugging: 

Suppose you have picked a great shoulder holster and visual concealment is excellent. But what about if your friend or other people put their hand on your arm? It might be discovered if you don’t avoid hugging anyone.

3. Keep The Jacket Buttoned:

If you don’t like to be buttoned with your jacket then must avoid the wind carefully. Keeping the jacket buttoned is always safe while you carrying any arms. It would help you avoid any type of circumstance revealing the rig. Be careful in windy condition when you don’t comfort to be buttoned.

4. Some Specific Practice:

Sports coat and shoulder holster concealed carry may limit your movement. Wearing the rig under your sports coat will give you excellent concealment, but it limits your regular range of motion. Just for a check, raise your arm, what happened? Does the rig print under your sports coat? So, it demands some practice. A little bit practice may give you comfort during movement.

5. Selecting Lighter Gun:

Getting best concealment also depends on choosing the gun. Lighter guns are better to carry and conceal with a holster. It would help you to avoid an uncomfortable situation or feeling off balance. You may feel uncomfortable carrying significant size or heavy gun in the holster. So, pick the holster according to your weapon.

Final Thought

Although, some of us believe that, the shoulder holster is not the modern thinking or related to sports coat and tie, but the real picture is not like that.

In this article, tried to give a short guideline for carrying your gun with a shoulder holster for concealed carry. Proper use of a holster offers you excellent concealed carry and safety as well.

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