8 Essential Gun Maintenance Tips

Gun Maintenence

Several things we use in our lifestyle are built to last a lifetime. Of course! Gun is one of them. Proper gun maintenance can help to give full service in your lifetime even to your grandchildren.

Unfortunately, a few of us take proper care of our guns in the proper way. Cleaning or maintaining something? – We take it as pain. Here, our 8 essential gun maintenance tips can help you to keep your gun safe with less effort.

Let’s dive in !

Essential Gun Maintenance Tips:

Proper maintenance always demands knowledge and experience. Check our experience and recommendation to maintain your gun properly and give it a longer life.

1. Gun Manual – Read it carefully

It’s true! Many of us don’t like to check the manual after purchase something even for few minutes. We just throw it after opening the box. But this part is essential for us if we like to get our guns working properly.

First read it carefully and don’t forget to keep it safe for future. You don’t know when you need this badly for reference. It could help you better to get knowledge on assembling, reassemble and how to maintain effectively.

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2. Unload Your Gun before Cleaning

This is must follow step. Always unload your firearms before you taking any attempt to clean it. Go down this way to safe unload:

  • First, point the gun muzzle to a safe direction and make sure that there is no finger placed on the trigger.
  • Eject the Magazine slowly and empty the chamber. Done? Don’t forget to do a double checking.
  • To prevent any unexpected incidents, ensure the removal of ammunition from surroundings. Before starting cleaning activity lock away all of the ammunition inside your house. Don’t forget to re-check again that there is no ammunition.

3. Scrub and wipe the whole gun

All of the components should be wiped well. It seems that some of the components demand more attention. The hard and strong structure needs more scrubbing.

Several parts will demand a more amount of solvent. Need to be careful about the damage of your gun during cleaning. So, avoid using any metal bristles hard wired brush. Instead of this use any old soft toothbrush or something like that.

4. Cleaning the Barrel

While you clean the barrel, it needs more attention. Here experts recommend clean patch surface. You can compare the procedure with floor mopping and the rinsing process of the mop afterward. To make free the gun barrel from carbon deposits, a bore brush is recommended. Run the bore brush through the barrel at least seven times. Don’t make any change to the direction of bore bush while it’s running inside the barrel.

After completing the cleaning process, dab the barrel with a solvent soaked cloth. Never use any solvent that harms your firearm. Now, dab the barrel with a lubricant-soaked cloth to prevent it from rusting. It gives it incredible look too.

5. Using Lubricate

It is one of the most used, vital and meaningful gun maintenance procedure.

Many of us who has guns tend to use lubricants excessively. They think it will make their weapons better. Is it true?

Never! Don’t make this huge mistake. Just use an appropriate amount of lubricants which will not impair the gun’s functionality anymore.

Here you can ask the question, what type of lubrication should we use and how much?

I will refer you back to the tips number one, carefully read the manual. You will found there, what type of lubrication brand should use on your gun. Remember it; every gun is different. Don’t make a mistake by assuming any lubricant is best for the gun.

6. Using Light Grease

Using of light grease on mechanical parts is good practice or not?

It actually a hot debate among the gun owners. Some of the gun users believe that it may tamper with the weapons’ mechanics. I do not agree with them. According to my experience, using a little bit grease may helpful for mechanical improvement.

If you use light anti-corrosion oil moderately on the lithium /aluminum parts of your gun, it will give you feeling an immediate improvement. It will make your gun feel slicker and you can feel the improvement on the sliding parts. To find out the right type of grease, I will recommend you to check the manual of any gun expert’s suggestion.

7. Always Avoid Recycling Ammo

Sometimes lack of funds for expensive defensive ammo urged the shooters to recycle the same cartridges for practice FMJ ammo. It will be damaged if more times your cartridge gets cycled out of the chamber.

It’s the best practice if you shoot the ammo sitting in your firearm and replace it always with fresh new bullets even cost seems high. It will make you relax from getting your gun jammed up.

8. Avoid Using Silicone Sprays

Yes, it’s true. We know silicone makes lubricant, and it is good, but some cases found where it can cause some problems. Actually, silicone based lubricants seem really difficult to remove from the gun surfaces. I am not going in details just recommending you try to avoid this. That’s it

Final verdict

In the end, I will suggest you to take care of your gun sincerely. Our guns take care of us, so why not we take care of them? I hope, these eight essential gun maintenance tips would help and inspire you to maintain your firearms regularly.

Don’t hesitate to share if you have something special tips on gun maintenance. If you found this helpful don’ forget to share. We love your comment, share, and care.

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