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Who makes the best kydex holsters- Top 2 Brands

Who makes the best kydex holsters

Let me tell you a story!Gun lovers used to love putting their guns in comfortable, secure and durable holsters since the invention of guns. But in terms of quality of holsters, there was always ups and downs. But in 1970, a supreme quality leather, combined with low moisture and temperature started being used in making […]

8 Essential Gun Maintenance Tips

Gun Maintenence

Several things we use in our lifestyle are built to last a lifetime. Of course! Gun is one of them. Proper gun maintenance can help to give full service in your lifetime even to your grandchildren. Unfortunately, a few of us take proper care of our guns in the proper way. Cleaning or maintaining something? […]

5 Tips for Shoulder Holster Concealed Carry

shoulder Holster

Some of us need to conceal our handgun without compromising the dress up. You need to conceal a handgun and still want to wear your shirt, tie, and the sports coat. It must need to work well with your clothes. In that case. a shoulder holster would be the great option for you. It could […]