Multi Holsters Elite Glock 42 IWB FOMI Right-Hand Holster Review

Multi Holsters Elite Glock 42

Here is another holster with incredibly high quality, the Multi Holsters Elite Glock 42 IWB FOMI Right-Hand Holster truly is a simply of comfort and safety. It’s ranked top on sites like,,,, and reviewed from the enormous real user in social media and blogging sites. This holster is suitable for the most popular gun models and upgrading for some new models in future. It provides good fit ageist your body while even wearing jeans and a T-shirt. It’s an inside the waistband holster for everyday carrying and provides maximum Comfortability that you might look for.

Some Important Features of the Multi Holsters Elite Glock 42 IWB FOMI Right-Hand Holster

Let’s start with discussing some of the key features of Multi Holsters Elite Glock 42 IWB FOMI Right-Hand Holster. Have a look below,

Safe and Comfortable to Use

The first thing that is right about the Multi Holsters Elite Glock 42 IWB FOMI Right-Hand Holster is its stable and secure fit. It designed to keep the weapon protected, so it never moves or falls out accidently. When you retain the weapon in the holster, it makes a “click” sound which assures that you place it’s correct. So, even you are in a rush to grab your gun or keep it the holster give the surety that, it’s well now.

Unique Bodyshield

The Multi Holsters Elite Glock has a specially features that can beat any other holster. It has the unique Bodyshield works for keeping the sweat or moister away. Furthermore, it works for as a guideline. It guides the weapon in reholstering safely.

Assure of High Quality

This product is made by using high-quality Accu- Present process. With the quality martial and construction, the Multi Holsters Elite Glock becomes the finest holster on everyone’s eyes who appreciate quality works. It fits like a glove and snaps in and out when drawing or holstering. conceals very well with the Glock 42 and other popular brands. It does offer some other varieties in case you like the change your style from ordinary to extraordinary.

Versatile Holster

This holster is good to go with all FBI can’t. You can adjust the FOMI clip and change the setting for your required fittings. So not only the personal usage it’s perfect to use for the country’s top most Investigation Bureau.

At a Glance

  • Made using a high-quality Accu- Pressed process.
  • While keeping the weapon it “Clicks” into the holster for assures a secure fit.
  • FOMI Clip firmly puts together the holster to your belt.
  • Its reverse tab allows effortless exclusion.
  • Fits 1.5 inches belt.
  • Its Bodyshield keep perspiration away from the weapon and helps as conduct in holstering correctly.
  • The Cant is adjustable to FBI and FOMI clip.
  • Product Weight- 4.8 ounces.


  • Made with high-quality materials.
  • Smooth edges assure comfortable usage.
  • No adjustments or alterations are necessary.
  • Nice fit for your gun.


  • The end of the slide covered by the Kydex material which may poke you sometimes.

Frequently asked question (FAQs)

Q- Does the holster have an option for the left-hander?

A- Yes, they have another option for a left-hand user.

Q- Is the holster is deep length or mid length conceal?

A- This is a mid length conceal because only 2 inches of the gun is noticeable above the waistband.

Q- Does I have the FBI can’t?

A- Yes, it has the. Infect all of the Elite holsters can be worn in either the 15 degrees forward (FBI) or the 0 degrees (straight-draw) can’t by adjusting the screws on the FOMI clip.

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Final Words

Your gun will fit snugly in the holster, and you can feel it ‘click’ into place secure perfectly. Even if you turn upside down or give it a small shake, it will not fall out. Overall, it’s durable, almost maintenance free and defiantly worth the price. So, for having the best and lightweight yet long lasting holster, you can select the Multi Holsters Elite Glock 42 IWB FOMI Right-Hand Holster.

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