Who makes the best kydex holsters- Top 2 Brands

Who makes the best kydex holsters

Let me tell you a story!

Gun lovers used to love putting their guns in comfortable, secure and durable holsters since the invention of guns. But in terms of quality of holsters, there was always ups and downs. But in 1970, a supreme quality leather, combined with low moisture and temperature started being used in making of holsters. The material itself is called Kydex and the holsters are apparently called Kydex holsters.

In fact, if we have a glance at the history, Kydex holsters weren’t Kydex holsters before a company named Kydex LLC purchased the ownership of it. However, whoever the owner is, Kydex holsters are one of the most popular holster types throughout the entire globe.

Kydex Holsters: What and Why?

Before going to the detailed portion of this article, I think it's important to talk some basics.

We’re here discussing Kydex holster brands and the top makers of it. So, let’s go through the dictionary-definition of these sort of holsters-

" Kydex holsters are one sort of gun holder accessories that are made of supreme quality Kydex leather. Because of being made of this material, the holster comes with a number of perks comparing to any similar types. They are perfect for comfort as well as durable and good in price. Considering all aspects, they are one of the top holster types that professional and amateur gun users desire "

Now, as you know what it is, let's see what are the major purposes of gun users loving this product so much-

  • This material Kydex has the least amount of moisture and temperature. As a result, they are durable and less damage-prone. That’s the main reasons people love putting their gun in such a holster.
  • Secondly, the material Kydex is made of Polyvinyl Chloride and the acrylic. Because of such a combination, this holster comes with huge resistance, a good score of toughness and of course the rigidity.
  • They are so good for the price. Many models and brands are out there, but each of them are strictly promising to their performances, and worth every penny of the price.

Who Makes the Best Kydex Holsters- Top 2 Brands

Today in 2018, many of the brands are quite invested in the making of top quality Kydex holsters. And apparently, many of them equally popular. So it was a tough choice to chose only two brands among them all.

So we’re not declaring that these two brands aren't the best seller of Kydex holsters. Rather, we’d like to list them as promising brands where there are many other similar brands out there in the market.

Let’s look at the list-

1. Smith & Wesson
This is one of the most popular guns and concealed carry items producer among the globe. The Kydex holsters they make, contain a number of quality features such as excellent concealment, great quality in the material and remarkably secure and comfortable.

The brand Smith and Wesson is also shorted as S&W. They were founded in the year of 1852 and has the headquarter located in Springfield, Massachusetts. Apart from firearms and firearms accessories, they are also reputed to manufacture ammunition for many years.

They have a number of Kydex holsters till the date in the market. But for me, S&W M&P Shield 9/40 IWB Holster is the best Kydex holster they have ever created.

2. Concealment Express
Here we have our second peak of the day. This time it’s another widely popular and extremely renowned concealment product manufacturer. They have officially an oath to provide 100% US made Kydex holsters at a fair price and full-form feature.

The story behind founding this company is pretty amazing. Concealment Express along with many other manufacturers were pretty supportive to the 2nd Federal Amendment. But this company hardly found any other company that meets the same criteria and the bill. So, they came up with a plan to do some awesomeness with the holsters.

They planned to break down the typical 2-6 week lead time that was used to plague most of the other Kydex holster manufacturers. Since then, they’ve produced some excellent models in the market. Although, my favorite holster from this brand is the mighty S&W M&P Shield 9/40 KYDEX IWB Gun Holster.

Final thoughts
We’ve almost at the bottom of the article. Till now, we’ve tried to give you an enlightened overview of what Kydex holsters are, why people love them to use, and who are some quality manufacturer of these. We guess, if you had a love for this holster before, you’re pretty much informed and ready to try out one of those very soon

Good luck with your concealment.

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