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Wondering How To Make Your Concealed carry while hiking Rock? Read This!

Concealed carry while hiking

Love hiking? That’s great. But what do you think about the problems and cautions that this wonderful pastime brings with it. I am not talking about the challenges in riding high hills or risky terrains. I’m talking about those unlikely situations when the wildlife and animals becomes unfriendly and attacking prone.

Well, if you’d been into hiking before, you might know that what backpackers do to save themselves from these threats- they carry firearms.

But it’s not like; you should always keep your fingers on the trigger of the firearms. Most of the time, it’s supposed to be kept in safe place in somewhere in your backpack or belt. And when you’re doing that, you have to make sure that the firearms are in safe mode with not even a tiny amount of possibility of getting fired.

We backpackers call this Concealed Carrying.

In this guide, it’ll be an open and detailed discussion on every pros and cons of concealed carrying. Also, we’ll go through a few pro-level tips that would take your skill of concealed carrying to next level.

​So, let’s get rolling through the article.

Before You Carry a Firearm-

  • Make sure you’ve checked all the legality of carrying a firearm around in terms of federal, private or state laws.
  • Consider the purpose that you’re carrying a firearm on, and make sure the gun is sufficient enough for that purpose.
  • Chose the best and safest way to carry the firearm around.

Enough of the precautions, let’s move to the core of today’s discussion.

Carrying A Firearm Concealed While Hiking

Now, we’ve reached to the core section of today’s article. Here we’ll go through some expert advice that relates some tricks and tips while conceal carrying during a camping or hiking hangout.

Concealed Weapon in the Backpack- The Best Way

We’re considering that you’re not up to serious hunting or anything that relates killing animals. If you agree too, then we have the safest and most comfortable way of carrying concealed weapons during a hangout.

And that is, carrying it in the backpack.

But not all backpacks won’t allow it to carry a gun inside it. Usually, in some backpacks, called the CCW ones, there is a built-in gun-holster provided. Shutting down the power, pulling the safety catch on and put it in the bag- that’s it.

A couple of benefits can come along with using a backpack-holster to carry concealed weapons. Such as-

  • You can always know where you need to access in case of emergencies.
  • It’s better to put the firearm in the backpack rather than the hip belts or drop of holsters where troubles like backpack strap pitching around can happen.

Two more popular methods of carrying concealed firearms are-

1. Carry It In the Holster

The easiest possible way to carry a firearm on the go is to put it a drop holster which is attached to the pant of the holder. There are quite a lot of safety benefits on carrying a firearm in such way. Drop leg holster ensures safety by covering the side of the leg and outside the waist harness.

2. Carrying Firearms in A Chest Rig

Another popular method carrying a concealed firearm is on the chest rig. While putting on the common chest rigs we used to use, there are a number of advantages you’ll be benefited with. You’ll be completely safe from the backpack straps that you’re supposed to carry along.

We’ve just gone through two popular methods of carrying concealed firearms. But there is something common which occurs problem in these methods.

The Problem in Carrying Firearms in Drop Holster and Chest Rigs

Something that causes a serious problem in carrying firearms in chest rigs. And the problem is- the chest and waist harness in the backpack.

Backpackers, especially who are likely to travel with a backpack weighing more than 40 lbs, like it to have a chest and waist strap in it. It makes the weight well-distributed throughout the body. Who doesn’t like that right?

But apparently, these straps can be a threat to the carrying firearms.

Some Tips Before You Go

So, you know what are the ways of carrying a firearm in a concealed holster or rig. But the rest of the process isn’t like you take the gun and put it down in the holster.

As they are firearms, there are certain things that you need to take care of, before you go-

1. Make Sure that the Power is Completely Off:

It’s mandatory that before you put them in the holster, you shut down its power completely. We don’t want to get into caliber wars actually. But as I have seen, many of the calibers which are recognized to be good for concealed carry, lack the power to stop a charging bear.

2. Try Alternatives to Firearms:

We know this article is about concealed carry and beyond. But if we think of something alternative, it’s not impossible to find so. As an example, if your main fear is the attacks of bears; you can take a bear spray instead of a handgun. A bear spray will work equally against bears as like as the firearms too.

What about other sorts of wildlife threats such as mountain lions, wolves etc? Well, credit goes to the makers of modern bear sprays. Because anything that can take down a bear can take down any of these animals who can be a threat in hiking

Bottom Line

Carrying a firearm is quite easy, but to ensure top-notch safety isn’t that easy. Before you become an expert yourself on this, make sure you do everything we’ve discussed in here.

Best of luck!

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